Detailing Team

Meet our detailing team


Jordan and Ken Bennion


Ken Bennion and his son Jordan have been detailing cars for over 20
years. Ken grew up in Bear Lake and learned professional detailing while
working in his Dad’s Automotive Garage. Ken began by washing and waxing
boats before moving on to cars, trucks, and semi trucks. Gathering
knowledge and experience for 40 years. At a young age Jordan began
working in the shop and learned the tools and techniques of the trade
from his Dad and Grandpa. Jordan has a background in finance, but always
enjoyed working on and detailing cars in his spare time. Together Ken
and Jordan decided they wanted to go into business for themselves, and
combined their love of detailing to create Top Hat Detailing Company in
2020. Emphasizing old school work ethic, knowledge of modern techniques,
and passion for detailing. You can trust they will get the job done

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