Fridge Challenges

5 Tips to Keep Your RV Fridge Working

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges your RV will face in the heat of summer is your refrigerator. During the summer months, your fridge will most likely be working at full capacity.  Here are 5 tips to keep your RV fridge working during the heat of summer. 

  • Keep the door shut
  • Install a fridge fan
  • Park in the shade
  • Check the seal
  • Give it a head start


1. Keep the door closed as much as possible. Constantly opening and closing the door releases the cold air, be quick with your food and beverage decisions so the door is not open longer than necessary. If you are consistently opening the fridge for beverages, you may want to use an ice cooler. 

2. Install a fan in the rear compartment to help the flow of air up and through the condenser fins. at the top of the cooling unit. You can purchase these fans which are thermostatically controlled and available with solar power options.

3. When you park your RV, try to park with the refrigerator side of your RV in the shade.

4. The seal on your RV fridge should be nice and tight. You can check the seal on the door by inserting a piece of paper or a dollar bill between the door and the refrigerator case then close the door. Pull the paper or dollar bill out of the fridge door. There should be some resistance when you pull on the bill. You will want to repeat this process at multiple locations around the door.  If you find any place where the paper or bill is not snug or does not provide resistance or simply falls out then the seal should be replaced.

5. Give your fridge a head start by starting the refrigerator a day before you will be using it. This will help it get cold while it is completely empty.  Additionally, cool all food you are taking with you in your home refrigerator and allow all warm foods to cool to room temperature before storing.